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Two types of programs

INDIVIDUALFLEXIBLE. Both the number of hours as the hours are selected by the student according to their availability. With clear criteria for cancellation.

INTENSIVEINDIVIDUAL.  Short-term learning program for students with special  availability needs. It can be combined with the extensive program or other intensive programs, making a complete Curriculum.


EppSpanish for professionalsdoes not have a list of courses. Our educational department always advises clients on the most suitable program for each case in accordance with their profile, goals, personal needs, dedication, their language skills and their learning abilities. Our proposals fall into two options that can be combined.

Flexible Individual Programs

This type of curriculum is designed for those who due to their multiple responsibilities, they need a program that fits their availability. The student sets the days and times according to their possibilities. We advise a minimum of 3 hours per week, spread out over two days, for optimum use of the curriculum. If this is not possible, we offer options to improve and benefit the best use of their time and dedication.
The individual flexible program allows our customers the ability to change or cancel classes until 16.00 hours the previous business day.

Intensive individual programs

These are programs that respond to some agendas with peak availability of the student. We conduct a comprehensive curriculum. We divide it into a series of plans, with short-term goals which can be achieved within the agreed time. This can be combined with flexible programs.

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