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Who we are

EppSpanish for professionals. We are a school founded and run by professionals in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and with extensive experience in the business world.

Epp Spanish for professionals.We are specialized in teaching Spanish to foreign executives and professionals. Are individual classes, specialized courses and flexible hours depending on the availability of our students.

EppSpanish for professionals.Aware that the reality of an expatriate is not only integration but also their family integration, we have created a Spanish learning program dedicated to the couple. The family must be integrated into a new cultural and social environment with specific linguistic demands. The development of this program maintains the principles of individualized teaching contents and methods at the same time as flexible schedules


Our students:
Develop and achieve the highest proficiency in the shortest time possible, to integrate both socially and professionally.

Acquire strategies and tools to resolve any situation that might arouse from the beginning of their learning process.

Achieve the objectives which have been previously established together, students with their tutors. These may change according to their needs at a certain time in the future, as well as, the capabilities and skills the student develops in the learning process.

Expand their confidence in their abilities and potential, becoming aware of strategies that can be used in the learning process. This allows them to maximize results

Working method

EppSpanish for professionalshas designed a unique  method which is exclusive, based on the particular needs of each student, analyzing the best way to learn; and selecting the tools and language patterns to be used in learning process throughout the course.

Our head teacher makes ​​a profound analysis of the goals, the linguistic competence, personal characteristics of each student and their way of learning. Once this analysis is made, the course tutor develops a customized training plan and prepares the materials to be used daily in the learning process. During the first classes, the tutor continues to conduct a second analysis of how the student learns best and transmits different learning strategies that are aimed for  students to develop their own autonomy in learning.

In Epp Spanish for professionalsthe follow-up is twofold. The tutor will be responsible for monitoring the students´ daily progress and the head of studies will carry out periodical  monitoring during the learning process, as specified in each student's educational plan.

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